Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to ensuring that information you provide via our site is kept secure and confidential at all times. The way we protect your personal information is no different via our website than if you had shared your data via the telephone or in person. We will not share or disclose your information to other organisations except when we have advised you at the time you have applied for a product or service.


Our website uses 'cookies', these are pieces of information which our computer stores on your device. They are used to remember your settings for the website so that you are saved entering your data again when you return to the site.

Cookies are used by many websites and do not cause any harm to your computer and do not contain any information which could be read or understood by others. The cookies we use on our website do not include your name or account numbers.

Our website uses a combination of first and third party cookies as well as temporary and permanent cookies. Cookies are used to collage general information which allows us to tailor the site for individual users and also to plan enhancements to our products and services.

If you do not wish to use cookies when you visit our website you can opt-out when you first visit the site or configure your browser to not accept cookies.


When you request information about our products or services we will only use the information you provide to process your enquiry. Information you provide will be used for the purposes described on the website at the time you submit your information. Further, details of how we use your data can be found in the applicable terms and conditions for associated products and services.


This piece of legislation comes in to force on the 25t​h May 2018. The GDPR regulates the processing of personal data, and protects the rights and privacy of all living individuals (including children), for example by giving all individuals who are the subject of personal data a general right of access to the personal data which relates to them. Individuals can exercise the right to gain access to their information by means of a ‘subject access request’. Personal data is information relating to an individual and may be in hard or soft copy (paper/manual files; electronic records; photographs; CCTV images), and may include facts or opinions about a person.

StudioPH is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals, clients, staff and others, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018.

To comply with various legal obligations, including the obligations imposed on it by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) StudioPH must ensure that all this information about individuals is collected and used fairly, stored safely and securely, and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully.

As a matter of best practice, other agencies and individuals working with StudioPH and who have access to personal information, will be expected to read and comply with this policy. It is expected that departments who are responsible for dealing with external bodies will take the responsibility for ensuring that such bodies sign a contract which among other things will include an agreement to abide by this policy.


StudioPH will be the ‘data controller’ under the terms of the legislation – this means it is ultimately responsible for controlling the use and processing of the personal data. We appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), currently the owner who is available to address any concerns regarding the data held by StudioPH and how it is processed, held and used.